Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The time is almost here...

That's the problem...next month is a few weeks away.
You remember that day 11 months ago?
I do.

You remember that day when you...
took my body...my spirit...my soul

I remember the helplessness...the fear
the shock...and finally the shame.

I remember what you did...how you did it
and what I did.

I've battled you in my head...and heart
and finally gave voice to it ALL.

I've been at war with a piece of myself since that nightmare began.
You raped me twice...both times count.

I won, you know.


Lil Bit said...

You're damn straight you won, girl!

*big hugs* your way as you approach this evil anniversary.

Let your voice be heard!

dangergirl said...

Thanks lb,

I guess this is an evil anniversary. Luckily the teenage offspring are providing a few distractions...a silver-fucking-lining moment ;)

Right back at ya' with the hug.