Friday, December 16, 2005

I said

I said the word today
The one that took my voice.

The word that fills me with disgust...
at you...and me.

You know the word too
It doesn't shower you with humiliation... or fear
Wonder what you do feel ?

I said the word and didn't die.
I said the word and no one left.

I said the word.

I said the word today and felt shame
and free.

I felt guilt and

I felt powerless...
not helpless.

I said the word with MY voice
and was believed.

I said the word and was okay...

I said the word and took my life back
or at least my voice.

I said the word Sam...can you ?

The word is enema.
There, it's out there in the light....
for all to hear and see...

I was anally sodomized with an enema.
Fuck, those are some powerful words.

They won't silence me again...
or you.